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    International Journal of Innovation Studies |《國際創新研究學報(英文)》

    ISSN 2096-2487 | CN 10-1440/G3
    International Journal of Innovation Studies(簡稱IJIS),中文刊名《國際創新研究學報(英文)》)是一本致力于創新領域的開放獲取式英文學術期刊。期刊由科學出版社主辦,教育部人文社會科學重點研究基地清華大學技術創新研究中心協辦,并由教育部長江學者特聘教授、清華大學經濟管理學院陳勁教授任期刊主編,全球知名創新學者擔任編委。自2017年創刊以來,IJIS入選中國科學技術協會的中國科技期刊國際影響力提升計劃項目,已被丹麥高等教育與科學部認定的文獻計量數據庫BFI List(The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator List)和國際開放獲取期刊數據庫DOAJ(Directory of Open Access Journals)收錄。IJIS旨在將重心放在多學科背景下的創新研究,發表來自全球經濟學、管理學、社會學、哲學、自然科學、工程科學、心理學、公共政策等多學科范式下的創新研究成果,提倡對創新的獨特觀察和多學科研究方法,總體目標是挖掘整理人類的創新規律。

    International Journal of Innovation Studies (IJIS, ISSN 2096-2487, CN 10-1440/G3) is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal that seeks to advance theoretical and practical knowledge on innovation. IJIS is sponsored by Science Press (China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.), and co-sponsored and organized by RCTI, Tsinghua University (Research Center for Technological Innovation, Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education in China). The editor-in-chief is Professor Jin Chen, named a Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholar by the Ministry of Education in China, from the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, and the editorial board is composed of more than fifty world-renowned experts and scholars in the field of innovation.

    Since its launch in March, 2017, IJIS has been selected for the Global Impact Promotion Program of Chinese Sci-Tech Journals by the China Association for Science and Technology, and indexed in 1) the BFI List (Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator List by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark) and 2) the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

    In the IJIS, we invite interdisciplinary researchers from economics, sociology, management studies, and psychology to put forth their insights on innovations, so as to promote the incorporation of a broad and heterogeneous mix of research activities, as well as a fruitful intercourse with social scientists from different disciplines and fields. The IJIS invites scholars to look forward and discuss future directions of innovation studies.

    E-mail: huanghui@mail.sciencep.com
    網頁: http://www.keaipublishing.com/en/journals/international-journal-of-innovation-studies/

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